Hey Gang – I want to start by thanking everyone for keeping me busy even in this crazy weather. I have been out on trips on almost every reasonable weather day this year, and even some not so reasonable – LOL! I am grateful for the business and appreciate each of you very much. Thank you! I am also happy to report that my Skeeter has received a facelift! Thanks to Cibile and her crew at Overboard Designs, my boat looks brand new as you can see from the above picture. They really did a fantastic job on both the carpet and the vinyl seats. It looks great! Also, a shout out to Perry over at Perry’s Hi Tech Outboard. He pursues an agressive PM program on my Yamaha that keeps her running perfectly and on the water consistently. I could not stay in business without him – thanks Perry for all you do! The fishing has been fair on most days and good on others. We are to a water temperature that you can’t expect a ton of bites during the course of a day, but the ones you get will often be good ones. We have been running 2 productive types of areas and sticking with them each day. We have found big fish on the inside edge of timber lines in ditches as well as on rocky/hard clay features near deep water. The timber line fish are generally in the 30-40 feet range of water depth. A jig, a Davis Shaky Head, and a Fish Head Spin have been our best baits for those areas. Alternately, the fish coming from the rock have been much shallower. Our biggest fish consistently come from 10 feet of water or less, and generally no deeper than about 15 feet. Don’t expect to catch more than one fish in an area, and don’t expect it to take more than 3 or 4 productive casts to get bit in an area if its going to happen. Fish efficiently, but also, fish SLOW. That is critical, especially in these cold water temps. Our best offerings on the rock have been a crankbait, jig, and a shaky head. With this crazy cold weather and dropping water temperatures, I am going to be experimenting over the next few days with the float and fly technique on Lanier. I spent time learning this technique last winter and really look forward to employing it this year as Polar Vortex’s continue to be our weather story. LOL. I will keep you posted on the results and hopefully will post some pictures soon. There is a warm-up coming this weekend, and I have some dates open. For January, I have the following dates remaining: 25, 26, 27, 30, and 31. Give me a call and let’s go bust some winter swamp donkeys! I would like to close by expressing my sincere gratitude to all of my outstanding sponsors. Without them, I could not fish for a living. Thank you: G Loomis, Shimano, Lowrance, Seaguar, Lazer Trokar, Sworming Hornet, Hammonds Fishing, Davis Baits, Wackem, Chattahoochee Jigs, JJ’s Magic, and LanierMapped.com May God Bless – Jimbo