Hello Gang – We have been enjoying some great fishing the past couple of weeks. My customers have had some fantastic trips, and its only going to get better! Over the past several days, I have had the pleasure of working with Brandon and his lovely wife Sandra – they are pictured in the attached montage with a nice double. This couple recently purchased a boat and hired me to work with them on techniques ranging from trailer backing to dock skipping. We have done a total of 9 trips since they got their boat, and they have came a long way baby! I am so proud of their progress and their ability to now navigate and fish lanier. Still some bumps to work out, but they are off to a great start! In addition to Brandon and Sandra, I have been able to work in some other very successful trips as well. The bite has been strong the last couple of weeks. We had a nice cool front last weekend which put them on the jerkbait pretty good, and then this week’s warm-up put them back on the top water and swimbaits. A chug bug and a gunfish have been our main weapons, along with Rick’s Bite Sized Herring Swimbait, a Sebile, and the Vision 110 jerkbait. We have found a great schooling bite at daylight almost every morning around some key humps across the lake. The spots are pushing bait on these humps and have been making quite a commotion! Lots of fun but somewhat random for the catches as you need to get into the action to get bit in most cases. As the day progresses, we have continued to work the brush with the baits listed above for some nice sacks of fish. 20-25 feet has been best, but there are some fish/bait moving shallower as well. I hear the bottom bumping baits are good for a few right now, but we haven’t played with that bite much. Fish are up and moving most of the day for us so we have been staying agressive in our approach. I have all day Tuesday and Wednesday open this week, along with Thursday and Friday afternoon if you would like to get out. The weather change should kick the bite up a notch and make it even better. The schooling bite is just getting started so this should continue to improve as well. Great weather and great fishing ahead – give me a call and let’s go get ’em!! Thanks to all and May God Bless – Jimbo