Hello Friends and Sponsors – We have had an awesome 2 weeks on Lake Lanier. Plenty of monster spots and lots of big sacks!! Our best bag of 5 fish was this past Monday when we had a five fish limit of spots that weighed 23 1/2 pounds!! Incredible! For the most part, we have been focusing on the creek ditches for our fish. The bait and fish both use these ditches as highways to travel. Sometimes the fish will be deep in these ditches around the timber, and sometimes they will be shallower on the lips of the ditches or simply in the middle. Find the bait and the fish will be somewhere close. A jerkbait and crankbait have been great weapons for us this week for some of these big fish. When the fish are not as active, we have been using the jig and worm at different depths in those ditches to catch them. We have caught fish this week from 4 feet of water all the way out to 45 feet. The spoon bite has been coming on for us as well out and around the timber in 30-40 feet. We have been catching a few almost every day on it, and some good ones are in the mix for sure. Don’t commit yourself deep yet, because the fish are not committed there yet. Stay flexible on your locations and depths. Also, when the wind is up and blowing from a good direction like the South or the West, make sure to check shallow on some main lake points. We had a great double this past week on a main lake point in the wind – it is the two fish I am holding in the attached montage of pictures. Those 2 fish came on a spinnerbait and a jerkbait. For this week, I have Wednesday morning, all day Thursday, and Friday afternoon available. Obviously I have some half day trips booked and looking to fill a few holes. The week of December 9th, I have most of those week days open. If you want to learn to catch fish like the ones attached, give me a call and let’s go bust some hammers! Thanks to all, and May God Bless. Jimbo