Hey Gang – We have been having a great fall of fishing and you folks have been keeping me busy – I am grateful – Thank You!! I have lots to share in this report, so let’s get started. We have been doing well on rock for the last 10 days or so. We have been focusing on rock bluffs and points for the most part all day every day that I have been out. This pattern has been producing consistent heavy sacks and big fish for my customers…until Saturday. LOL. The sack Joe and Kurt are sporting above came from Friday. My customer Ron Clark and I fished the Hammond’s Tournament on Saturday. We weighed 15.34 and finished 1 ounce and 1 place out of the money. Our big fish was over 4 and we had a 2 pounder the we could just not cull. We caught 3 limits of fish through the day and culled 4 times on the rock pattern. A SPRO DD crankbait gave us our 2 best fish, and a jig provided the rest of the fish we weighed. Steep rock bluffs and points in 2 – 20 feet were the key for us. We fished clean, however, in retrospect, I made a couple of bad calls through the day and elected to check some back-up patterns instead of staying with the rock. Mistake! All was good in the end though and Ron and I had a blast as usual. Tim Hawkins and Steve Gerbig did a great job running the weigh-in and everything went smoothly as do all the Hammonds Tournaments. A special call out to Steve Pescitelli and his son Noah. They have been out with me on a dozen trips or so over the last year. I almost feel like Noah is my own son at this point, and Steve is like a brother to me. They have came a LONG way in a very short time and I am extremely proud of the them. Noah and his dad finished 13th in the Hammond’s tourney Saturday with a sack of 15.01. This was against a strong field of 62 boats – they beat a bunch of Lanier’s top sticks and almost beat me too! LOL. They are awesome people and I have thoroughy enjoyed working with them as they are both outstanding students. Great job guys – and as usual, I am looking forward to our next class on the water!! As most of you know, my business has really been growing over the last year. Jimbo’s has expanded to Hartwell with Rick Steckelberg as my lead guide up there, and I have had several multi-boat trips on Lanier lately as well. I am very excited to announce that I am adding two more guides and two more bodies of water for this fall and winter. Craig from the Dugout in Kennesaw will be running Float and Fly trips on Carter’s Lake for me this winter, and Jamie Koza, who owns and runs the Dugout and Kennesaw Bait will be running trips on the Chattahoochee River for Largemouth as well. Craig is an EXPERT with the float and fly rig and there is no better lake on which to learn this technique than Carters. This is a great experience and a technique that is often unmatched for producing big winter sacks. Also, for a limited time this fall and early winter, Jamie is going to be running trips on the Hooch and doing some river fishing for giant Largemouth Bass. This is an unforgettable experience and one I also highly recommend. These trips will be ran on a section of the river near Six Flags theme park and I promise you will learn and see things which you have not before seen!! I am full this week, but Nick is available to guide for me on Lanier this week if you would like to get out. Rick is also available on Hartwell, and he too will be doing trips for me on other popular Georgia Big Bass Lakes on the Savannah River chain like Burton, Rayburn,and Seed. Rick is in tune with most of the Georgia lakes and he has competed and won on most of them. Rick can help you on any of those lakes – Jimbo’s is now your one-stop-shop for bass fishing! Lots of growth and lots of changes at Jimbo’s! For November on Lanier, I have the 27, 29, and 30 open, and I am also booking for December. The fish are starting to move into the ditches and the Classic Lanier deep ditch bite is just starting, but will get much stronger as the water continues to cool and the bait moves into their winter holes. The weeks upcoming are great to learn the Fish Head Spin bite in the ditches, as well as the deep jig bite in the timber. A quick summary of the other lakes available through Jimbo’s with dates available NOW: Lanier, Hartwell, Carters, Burton, Rayburn, Seed and the Chattahoochee River. Also, Rick takes requests! Call me if you want to fish in Georgia, we can get you set up! For fishing reports on other Georgia Lakes, please visit: www.southernfishing.com Many thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo