Hey Gang – Just a quick report on this day we remember our fallen and celebrate the heros that protect us everyday. Thank you to those who put their lives on the line each day so that we may all enjoy our freedoms. The fishing has remained good, and we continue to throw topwater and swimbaits. Hard to believe I know. This summer has been such a great topwater season, we have found it hard to put it down. They may hit other stuff, but who cares? LOL. We even ran into a school of Big LM recently – yes on topwater. My guys sacked 22+ pounds best 5, all from the same hole. I guess that’s a pretty special place :o) Spooks, Chug Bugs, and the gun fish have all been producers. The buzzbait has even attracted some attention of late. All and all it is fun out there right now as it has been all summer. Cooler weather is ahead and fall fishing is just around the corner. I only have 4 days left open in September: 15, 17, 19, 26. I am also starting to fill October. Give me a call and save your spot for some outstanding fall action – it is not to be missed! Thanks to all, and may God Bless – Jimbo