Hey Gang – I am fresh back from a trip to Disney with the family. We had this vacation planned for awhile as it was a gift from my wife’s parents from this past Christmas. There were 11 of us staying in a condo in Kissimmee and hitting all the different parks for 7 days. I am exhausted! LOL. The kids in the family had a blast and that is what it is about. We took about 4 bazillion pictures this week, but the above left is my favorite. This was taken early on day 1 just after we had entered the Magic Kingdom and pursued our personal appointment with Mickey. All the kids met with him and talked with him and it was cool to watch him interact with the kids, especially the younger ones in our family. The park staff would take pictures with Mickey and each of the kids in our group. With every picture, as it was about to be snapped, Mickey would say “Cheeeeeeese” really loud. Shocking I know. Anyway, as a spoof, I took the opportunity to meet him also as I was at the end of the line. The above left is a picture taken of Mickey’s reaction to my question as he and I were posing for a picture about to be taken by the staff. As we posed, arm in arm, I said right in Mickey’s ear – “So Mickey, about that money you owe me…”. My family and the park staff lost it. The mouse turned and looked at me for a long time, speechless, and finally uttered “cheese?” in a questioning tone. Folks, you had to be there, but it was hillarious! One of my many favorite moments of the trip. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws for a great trip and some awesome memories. My good friends kept me up to speed on the bite while I was gone, and I am about to head out on a topwater and spottail trip with some youngsters this afternoon. I suspect we will be throwing topwater, topwater,and topwater this week when we aren’t dropping minnows. I hear the bite is still strong in the right places. My favorite for sure. Hard to beat the action. The remainder of the above pictures are all topwater fish from last week before I left on the Disney trip. I have had a cancellation this week for Wednesday, June 25, if anyone is interested. I also have a free seat tomorrow afternoon. Just give me a call. Next week I only have July 1 and 2 open. I am excited to be back and looking forward to getting back on the water. Give me a call or drop me a line if you would like to get out there and chase ’em! Thanks everyone and May God Bless – Jimbo