Hey Gang – Sorry it has been awhile since my last report. I have been running trips 6 days a week and enjoying the family on day 7, so I have have let the reports slip a bit. I appreciate everyone who follows my reports and will do a better job of keeping up! As I’m sure most of you know, the lake is full and on fire right now, both for big fish and numbers. With the full moon coming Thursday, I expect some great results this week as I am sure a strong wave of spots will hit the beds on the moon. That period just before they bed is normally off the charts. Today was a good day for the better fish for us as we had several over 3 pounds. We have been focusing on main lake points and humps for those better fish, and the jerkbait and swimbait have been our best weapons. A few good fish have also came on a skirted jig of late, but in general, the fun stuff has been producing the big ones. The “grass” bite is just silly right now as most of you have experienced or seen reported lately. You can catch fish on practically anything you want to throw at them. Pick your favorite bait and go fish the pockets with “grass” in the back. Worms have been our main tool, but flukes, trick worms, spinnerbaits, and a multitude of other options have been working. They are there, and they are hungry. Go Have fun!! I am full this week, but do have Mon, Tues, and Friday open next week due to some rescheduling. This is the time to go fish! Give me a call if you would like to get out. Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo