Hello Friends and Sponsors – I hope y’all staying warm on this very chilly, blustery day! I am home and have been home the past few days fighting this nasty flu – no fun! I was blessed with an awesome weekend and wanted to share the events and pictures with everyone. On Saturday, my customer (and now good friend) Ron Clark and I WON the Hammond’s Winter Trail Classic Tournament! Ron and I weighed 18.90 pounds and anchored our sack with a 7.88 largemouth that I was fortunate enough to catch right away on Saturday morning. In fact, other than a small upgrade later in the day, Ron and I caught everything we weighed on our first stop. We had a limit at 7:38 AM. I found this area, which was in the back of a small ditch/pocket, while out scouting on Friday. Upon inspection, the graph was loaded with fish, and a couple of bites gave me confidence to come back to that area to start the day on Saturday. When we came back Saturday morning to that area, it did not take long for the action to start. I hooked that big LM on my second or third cast back there. I knew it was a monster – the head shake gave it away. Not to mention feeling like I was pulling on a small tank. LOL. As soon as we got it in the net, the Fish Head popped right out of her mouth. Scary! From that point we kept throwing the Fish Head Spin and a jig in that same area to round out our limit. Ron had another big one hooked back there, but it just came unbuttoned about half way to the boat. It was a no fault loss – it just happens! We caught several fish through the day, but as I mentioned, not much help on the weight side. Still, Ron and I had a blast and really ended out season on a high note. In addition to winning the Classic, we also posted some very good results in the other tournaments in the series. Out of the four regular season tournaments we fished in the Winter Trail, we had 3 top ten finishes including a 2nd, and a 6th place cash. I did some calculating, and had it not been for the deer hunting incident with my Chevy on the morning of the second Hammond’s Tournament, we would have contended for the points championship as well. Also this weekend, I was proud to be involved with the Spring Classic at Bass Pro Shops. I gave tank demonstrations on both Friday and Saturday nights and represented my awesome sponsors like St. Croix Rods and Sworming Hornet Lures as well. Thanks to everyone that came out and visited this weekend. I enjoyed speaking with and meeting each of you! After a seemingly long recovery time, I am back out on the water tomorrow through Sunday on trips. Next week, I have the 11, 12, 13, and 16 open. The weather looks like it is finally going to warm up and the fishing is already good and should only get better. Give me a call and let’s go fish!!! 770-542-7764 For fishing reports on other Georgia lakes, please visit: www.havefunfishing.com Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo