Hey Everyone – So I headed North on GA 400 at about 5:15 AM this morning on my way to meet my customer Ron Clark to fish the second of the Hammond’s Winter Trail tournaments. Apparently, even though I didn’t know it, I was going deer hunting this morning. LOL. I T-Boned a big ole’ buck between exit 12 and 13 – great way to start the day. LOL. Chevy Trucks are truly like a rock – given the fact I whacked a 170 lbs deer, she is still drive-able. Love my Bowtie. Besides being a little sore, I am fine physically. I spent the day talking to insurance companies and getting estimates. So, no tournament for me today. Heard it was tough – we had been on ’em all week though and I was really looking forward it. A HUGE congratulations to my good buddies David Blue and Daniel Truitt for their victory with 16.18 lbs. Awesome work guys. Also on the tournament front, I would like to congratulate Paul Watson for his great finish in the Federation State Qualifying Tournament held Friday and Saturday this week out of Laurel Park. Paul finished 2nd in a field of 112 anglers with a 2 day total of 24.75 lbs. Paul hired me on Tuesday of this past week and we went out together from Daylight to Dark and developed a game plan to suit his strengths. Paul spent his tournament hours in a special ditch of mine that is not often fished, and he almost won the whole thing right there. Paul is pictured above with a couple of nice ones we caught during our trip this week. I also must congratulate another one of my buddies who won the whole shootin’ match with 25 lbs and change for the 2 days – David Morton. Great job David and congratulations!! We have been catching some big fish all week long. My best weapon for these fish has been a jig. We have been focusing on pockets and ditches in the 18-30 foot range most of the week. Monday offered a great crankbait bite on the main lake in the pre-front conditions, but after that, a worm or jig put in the right places was the way to go for the bigger fish. We have had to work the baits very slow to get bit. Hopefully things will change up a bit and we will get back on a consistent crankbait or Fish Head Spin bite. On my Wednesday trip, we had a 20 lbs sack by 10 AM on a jig. Our first 3 bites were all 5 pound + spots. That is the way to start the day! I am full this coming week as I have trips all week through Saturday, except Thursday. My wife still won’t let me fish on major holidays. LOL. The following week I have the 26th and 29th open. I still have some dates for December, but those have been going fast lately too. Give me a ring ASAP if you would like to get out and enjoy some great fall fishing. I look for the deep bite to get stronger and stronger. This is a great time to learn to fish deep on Lanier! 770-542-7764 Thanks to all and May God Bless – Jimbo