Hey Everyone – I was out every day last week on trips, and then took the weekend off for some family events, and then a trip to “Perry’s Pond” on Sunday. One of many big results of the trip to Perry’s is shown above right. Thanks for the invite Perry – what a blast! Last week was the a classic junk fishing week on Lanier. We caught fish from 5 feet to 50 feet and on almost any lure you can think of – topwater, swimbait, jig, shaky head, and drop shot seemed to be the most consistent of all the choices. As far as what type of stuff we fished, there was almost as much variety there as well. We fished deep in timber around creek ditches, pockets, points, humps…the bait and fish were spread out last week and you could go from shallow to deep on alternate casts and catch fish on both presentations. Things changed from day to day. Most of the spots we fished were either in deep water or had deep water close by however, which was a key. We found some good schooling activity early in mornings last week, and then randomly through the days with some days being better than others. I fished North a good bit last week, as the south end is turning which contributed to the inconsistent bite down there. When conditions were right, however, those fish did bite. Once the wind gets out of here, I expect the fishing to be little more predictable over the next few weeks. The cooler weather should concentrate the bait a little better and make the fishing more consistent. I heard the weekend fishing out there was great with the pre-front conditions. Look for the jerkbait bite to really pick up in the near future. I postponed my early week trips due to the high winds. I am full the rest of this week and then have Mon, Tues, and Friday(Nov 5, 6, 9) open next week. The week following, I have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Nov 14, 15, 16) open. Give me a ring if you would like to get out. Should be alot of fun and good fishing in the weeks ahead. Thanks to all and may God Bless! Jimbo