Hey Gang – Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone. The AM weather the last couple of days forced some trip postponements, so I have enjoyed a relaxing 3 day weekend off – the first one I have had in a LONG time! It has been nice. I hope you all enjoyed some time with family and friends as together we celebrated our Nation’s Independence. The fishing last week made a nice rebound with the rain and cooler temps. The water temps also made a significant drop as we went from 86 on the surface down to 81 in many places. The water level sits at exactly 1.50 feet below full pool at the time of this report. The most welcome change was the return of the topwater bite. It had gone down hill significantly with the heat wave, but rebounded nicely with the cooler weather. The top frame of pictures show some of the recent topwater results from this week with Michael, and on a separate trip Austin and his Grandfather, all spanking some nice topwater fish. The gunfish was by far the most productive bait for us through the week, and the standard brush in 20-30 feet was the location. The jig and dropshot were also both very productive through the week with the jig getting the nod for better size fish and the DS for better numbers. No surprise here. That may change as I now have in my possession the New Lanier Baits offerings, which look awesome. They will be getting a workout this week and I look forward to posting some positive results. We have also been picking up some crankbait fish on the SPRO Little John dd. That has been a good option around the brush when the other techniques mentioned above will not produce or have already produced and you’re looking for another option to serve them. Something else for you to try as you are out there exploring. Lastly, I want to congratulate Tanya O. on an outstanding spottail outing recently as she hammered some big fish with this fun technique (bottom frame of pics). She has been out with me 3 times this year already and caught them good on artificals previously, but really enjoyed the ease of spottail fishing. The big ones were biting that morning and she had a field day! Her first fish was her biggest at about 4.5 lbs (2nd from right), but most of what she caught that day was in the 3.5 lbs range or bigger. Outstanding day Tanya! The seminar registrations for my August 15th event have been going very well. Thanks for all the calls. We have moved to a larger venue to accommodate the increased demand as we sold out our previous seminar in January. The August 15th Seminar will focus on Fall and Early Winter techniques and is sure to be a big hit. Don’t miss out on this valuable learning opportunity. The advance registration price (by Aug 1) is $89, so call or email me at 770-542-7764/[email protected] to register. Thanks! I have morning trips booked each day this coming week (July 6-10), but have the afternoons open each day if anyone would like to come out. I anticipate the afternoons to be the best topwater bite. Here are the other dates I have open in July: 16, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, and 31. Give me a buzz and let’s get out there and catch ’em up! Thanks to all and May God Bless! Jimbo
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