Hey Everyone –

I have been out on trips almost every day for the last 10 days, plus I fished the Gut Check tournament with Nick Hensley from Hammonds this past Saturday, and then back out on a half-day morning trip on Sunday (yesterday).

We have had some outstanding days for numbers as many trips had over 30 total spots for the day. I have been focusing on sandy pockets with a worm for the numbers fish. These pockets can be main lake, or in the mouths of creeks, but a sandy beach is the key. This pattern will provide lots of keepers up to 2.5 lbs, and a few good ones mixed in. I have been using a 4 inch worm on a 1/8 oz jighead for the most bites.

In addition to the sand bite, I have been playing with the early post-spawners willing to eat topwater and flukes. Some are relating to brush, most are roaming and just relating to the bait in key areas that have deeper water very close, and are not far from spawning flats. Some of these fish are roaming in very deep water, but are not too far from the bank.

For the tournament on Saturday, we focused on the post spawn bite as opposed to the sand bite – not as many bites, but big fish potential. Nick and I only weighed 13 pounds, but lost some donkeys early on top. Nick lost one of the biggest spots I have ever seen hammer a topwater plug – this spot was way over six – and after a long battle, she just simply pulled off. A little later in the AM,I had two well over 5 rolling and nipping at my fluke, but they just would not commit. I am seeing some wolf packs as well with the fish that are relating to the brush – I was about to cast at one around 4 following a 3 pounder Nick had hooked on top, but as I went to cast I heard “he’s barely hooked” so I dropped the rod and went for the net – a bird in hand better than 2 in the bush I guess.

All in all, a very fun day and we had our chances to win it, just wasn’t to be. We caught the fish we weighed on topwater poppers, flukes, crankbaits, and fish head spins.

Back out Sunday morning with a regular customer and his wife, and I and had one over 5 plaster my rico, and got it caught in the rocks (and broke off) trying to hand it off to my client’s wife so she could battle a big spot. Always looking for a way to let them have fun! They both still caught em Sunday AM as it seemed they were eating as well as they were on tournament day.

Make sure to check out my fishing reports on the Bass Fishing Home Page (WMI.org). I post there at least twice weekly, so check it out! Also, I have a new video out – if you have not seen it, click here to view. Enjoy!

I am filling up for May, but I have some dates open the next few weeks-call me TODAY at 770-542-7764 to book your trip!! I have Wednesday and Friday open this week, and maybe Saturday, so let me know if you would like to get out.

Until next time everybody – tight lines and God Bless –