Hey Gang! Sorry for the delay in reporting. Unfortunately I had some back issues flare up recently and I have also been preparing for the upcoming seminar on August 15, in addition to guiding 4 days a week through August. Been pretty busy lately! I appreciate all that have signed up for the August 15th Class. We have a good crowd coming and we have a great event planned for you. I do still have a few seats left for anyone interested in learning more about fishing the fall and early winter on Lanier. This is going to be a very informative and in-depth program folks. We will have some great vendors, raffles, and giveaways too. And donuts! Can’t forget the donuts. LOL. The flyer with all the details is posted above in the pictures. Would love to have you come out to network with other Lanier anglers and learn some cool stuff. Give me a call or drop me an email to register. I am using this post to catch up on some pictures from the last month or so – we have really caught some big fish this summer. The bottom slide of pictures are from spottail trips, the rest are on artificials, mainly topwater. As far as right now, it is definitely August on Lanier. The surface temps are hovering in the upper 80’s to near 90 and the lake sits at 3.31 feet down from full pool and dropping as of this post. I will say the afternoon bite has been much better than the morning bite of late. It just seems the fish are not moving around much in the mornings when the lake is quiet. When we have storms role through in the evening however, the bite seems to be better the next morning. The water cooling down slightly seems to trigger the better bite. With all that said, here is a recap of what we have been doing. There are still some fish schooling in the early mornings around humps that offer quick access to deep water. Sometimes the fish are shallow, and sometimes they are out over 80 feet of water or more. The best you can do is get in the right area and wait for the blowups. When they come, fire a bait in there ASAP. A Sammy and a fluke have been our best baits for these fish. After the schooling bite ends, we have found a decent bite on steep rock banks with wood cover. This has been our best post-schooling bet. A shaky head and a jig will both get bites in these situations. The drop shot has been the deal for us in the afternoons. 30-40 feet has been the best depth for the better fish. Obviously deeper brush or timber edges are a plus, but there are often fish just hanging between the brush and timber. Make sure to drop on these fish as well. The biting fish are not always tight to cover. There are still days when we get a mid-day topwater bite. A gunfish and a chug bug, along with a fluke will sometimes get bites through day over deeper brush (30 feet). Here is what I have left open for trips in August: 18, 19, 21, 25, 26, and 27. Now is a great time to learn how to get those finicky deep summer fish to bite. Also, my September is filling up quickly as I already have several dates on the books. If you would like to get in on what is sure to be some great topwater and swimbait action, make sure to reserve your date ASAP. Thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo
Source: Old feed