Hey Gang – Been a little while since my last post. I wanted to share some information and pics from the great fishing we have been experiencing the last couple of weeks. Fall has arrived and the fish like it! The lake had been dropping steadily over the last month until this past weekend and had reached 4.58 feet below full pool. After the rains, we currently sit a 3.08 down from full pool, and the surface temps are hovering around 72 degrees. We have had some great days out on the pond recently, and we’ve been throwing the fun stuff to make it happen! Topwater such as a Chug Bug, swimbaits, shallow-running jerkbaits, and a SuperSpin have been our main weapons of late. The fish have populated nicely around brush in 18-25 feet of water located at the mouths of the major creeks. There are still some main lake spots that are hot, but our efforts have mainly been focused in the creek mouths. We have seen alot of schooling fish this week in and around those areas, so be ready when they come up. If you can get in the middle while they are up, a hook up is likely. Set your equipment up to make LONG casts so you can really launch the bait when needed. On cloudy days, the schooling bite seems to be best in the mornings, and on other days, it is subject to be anytime through the day. It seems we always find a 2 hour window through the day when the bite is fast and furious. Lots of run and gun over the brush gets in done. At other times, a more methodical approach that starts on top and progresses down the water column is the best solution. Russell, who is pictured in the lower set of pics, had a particularly good day with me in the rain last week. He was a trooper and stayed with it all day, and he put a hurting on some gorgeous spotted bass. Great job Russell!! Proud of you brother! Make sure to check out my newest Facebook Fan Page “Jimbo’s Fishing Seminar and Expo” which highlights all the happenings of the event we have scheduled for January 30, 2016. We already have over 400 Likes on the page, and it’s growing every day. Tune in for information on our guest speakers, vendors, and giveaways, as well as special early registration incentives. We have 10 vendors secured, and guest speakers like Fisheries Biologist Patrick O’Rouke along with Highschool Fishing SuperStar Noah Pescitelli who both will provide some great insights on the many different aspects of our beloved sport. We are expecting a monster crowd for this 4th event in the Jimbo Seminar Series. Reserve your seat early and get extra raffle tickets towards winning a GLoomis Rod! As far as open dates, I just had a cancellation for this Wednesday, October 14. I also have October 28th open, and that’s it for October. I am also starting to fill my November calendar quickly, so please contact me soon to reserve your date and get in on the Incredible Fall Bite on Lanier! Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo
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