Hey Gang – Just a quick update for everyone. I have been out every day since last Tuesday through the weekend on trips. We have been chasing the topwater and swimbait bite and it has been strong for us. The right holes will cough up quality topwater fish consistently when the correct baits are presented properly. The topwater bite is more technique specific than in years past, but its there. We have keyed on brush in the 20-25 foot zone on points, humps, and ledges. The gunfish and chug bug have been our best offerings, and a fluke still remains a steady back-up. We have had several doubles like the one I am pictured with above, and some very big fish. The picture of me in the middle is actually my customer’s fish – he was just a little camera shy…LOL. I couldn’t let her go without a pic! This is really a fun bite and I encourage you all to get out and enjoy it while it is there. I also had other boats out on Lanier and Rick was guiding at Hartwell for me over the weekend. Everyone had great results, with Rick and his trip really spanking them up on Hartwell yesterday. I will be making a separate post to share the results at Hartwell along with pictures later this week. For this week, I still have an opening on Wednesday, June 26th, but am full the rest of the week. For next week, I have July 2, 3, and 5 open for anyone interested in getting out. Rick is also open at Hartwell, and the bite is strong there also. He is on them if you would like to get out up there. Nick is at the Chick this week for the final regular season FLW Event, best of luck to him and Jason Johnson up there for a great tournament. Thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo