Hello Friends and Sponsors – I got back from Indy very early on Wed AM and ran trips on Thursday and Friday of this week. Indy was awesome and the race was great – thanks to all that have inquired as to my trip – the last 30 laps were unreal – lead changes almost every lap – can’t beat that for some great racing. Onto fishing. The top-water pork roast is still in full swing! We had great days on both Thursday and Friday. I had a tournament angler out with me on Thursday AM, so no pictures of him, but I am holding one of his good ones from that day in the pic above. We worked topwater most of the morning – the bite really turned on for us in the late AM. I am still fishing over brush on points and humps for the most part. However, with the cloud cover this week, we found alot of fish shallow – particularly in the early mornings. There were several roamers up on rocky and clay points that can be picked off with a chug bug or a fluke. On both Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, I had some aspiring young anglers along with their fathers out with me on trips. I was honored to be able to help these young men grow as anglers and was thoroughly impressed with the dedication their respective fathers had in taking the time and effort necessary to grow their talents. Be thankful for your fathers boys!! Thursday was fun with Steve and Noah – Noah loves to bass fish and is quite talented with a rod and reel. We worked on some of the basics of fishing Lanier this time of year, along with strategies and tactics to find the fish and consistently catch them. We also reviewed the use of the Lowrance HDS units of which Steve now has on order. We have some more work to do, but they are well on their way. Look forward to the next time guys! Friday was equally fun, as I had out Richard and his son Will. The fish ate topwater and swimbaits through the day, and particularly after the brief shower we had early yesterday afternoon. We did work on the drop shot as well – it didn’t take Will long to pick that up. I caught one and demonstrated the particulars, and then he caught one about 5 minutes later. Lesson learned! Will is a true student of the sport – he is very well studied and well read on the latest tactics, equipment, and lures. He had several questions that were very pointed, thus showing his in-depth knowledge. Very impressive for a 12 year old young man! We caught some tanks that day too – Will is pictured with 3 of our pigs from that day above. Will also maintains a very active YouTube channel, and I understand a video is being edited right now of yesterday’s events – I will share it with you all when I get a copy. Should be great. Thanks Will and Richard – awesome day. I have also attached pictures from a couple of my trips last week. Stanley and J&J had great trips with me as well – awesome work out there on the topwater! A special thanks to all of my generous and trusting friends who helped me out with boat loans this week and last while mine was in the shop. I was able to treat my customers to fishing from some very nice rigs thanks to Phil, Jeff, and David. I am headed to pick my boat up from Perry over at Hi-Tech later this afternoon and should be back in the Skeeter saddle next week. I still have Tuesday and Wednesday open this coming week if someone would like to get out. I am booked the other days through Saturday – let me know if you would like to smoke some topwater toads. I expect the cooler weather to keep the topwater/swimbait bite strong through the week. And I’m sure Monday’s full moon won’t hurt anything this week either! Call me at: 770-542-7764!! Thanks to all – its great to be back and on the water again – I missed this place!! Remember, for reports on other Georgia Lakes, please visit: www.havefunfishing.com May God Bless –