Hello Friends and Sponsors – My customers and I have had a very good week. We have focused on topwater most of the week, along with a few alternates included that I have noted below. Enjoy the awesome pictures from this week and the reports below. I am filling up fast for June – I still have a few days open the week of June 4 and the week’s following – give me a call and lets get out and enjoy some of this great fishing!!

We have continued to work brush located on off-shore structure for our fish. We have had good success with a wake bait in the mornings, followed by topwater, fluke, and Fish Head Spin action the remainder of the day. We have experienced some lulls through the day, but if you stay with it and continue running holes, you will find the active fish, and some good ones at that. I had Steve out with me Monday. For a guy that was not familiar with bait-casting equipment and was limited to spinning gear all day, he did very well. We kept running into stripers yesterday, and Steve handled them well. He simply tapped into his rugby experience and manhandled those beasts! Nice work Steve! On Tuesday, I had a couple of brothers out with me – Jeff and Jeremy. We had a great time on the water and really put together a very nice bag of fish. Had I not jumped off a 4.5 today at the boat on a FHS, we would have been at 19 lbs easy. We still ended up with around 17 lbs and alot of fish to boot. J&J did very well out there today – nice work guys! On Wednesday I had out one of my repeat customers, Ron D. Ron brought along his Director of Marketing from work – Mark. Mark came prepared with a sign based on what Ron had told him of his experiences on my boat – very funny that he thought this up in advance! They are posing above with the sign and one of the nice fish Mark caught that day. Lot’s of fun guys!! On Thursday, I took out Tracy and his son Ben. Ben is an aspiring professional angler. This young man eats, sleeps, and breathes bass fishing, and he is quite the young talent. Dad is not so bad himself and has clearly set his son on the right path with some solid direction and coaching. We worked on some of the finer points that day with regard to the post-spawn topwater bite on Lanier. Tracy and Ben picked it up quickly and caught a nice sack of fish in the process. I look forward to more trips with Tracy and Ben – look out guys, Ben is on his way up! We caught fish on Wednesday and Thursday with a fluke and a spook over brush on points and humps. That was all we really threw and therefore what we caught our fish on – these fish were coming up and we just kept running and gunning. Too much fun! Friday was a special day. I had Bo and his Uncle Ricky out for some fun on the pond. Our day started off well as we had accumulated a nice sack of fish through mid-trip – probably around a 14 lbs sack with our best 5. Then the fun started. In about 2 hours, we drilled a 20+ pound sack of spots on topwater and a fluke over brush on points and humps. It was awesome! Bo and Ricky caught big fish after big fish. One of the most exciting flurries we have had in awhile. One of the attached pictures shows a double that Bo and Ricky caught on top in addition to the other beasts they caught that day. They were blown away and we all had an incredible time. I was too busy netting big spots to get a video, but I wish I would have shot some for this trip. I know these guys are coming back soon, and I look forward to it. Bo – make sure to wear that lucky shirt of yours again! I had out David and his son Michael for a mid-day trip on Saturday. They had been out with me on a trip back in the fall, and came back for some post-spawn action. Given the boat traffic and tough fishing conditions, we did pretty well yesterday. David and Michael worked hard to catch a solid bag of fish. Most of our fish came on a Sworming Hornet Lil’ Dude fished over brush on points and humps. We did get one nice fish to come up on a spook, which Michael is pictured with above middle. Overall though, the fish were not in a “come up” mood yesterday, at least not through 3 PM. The later afternoon may have been different, and I hope it was for all those that had the opportunity to get out. Thanks again everyone – I will be heading North on Friday for my annual pilgrimage to the Indy 500. I will be back in town on Wednesday, 5/30/2012 with trips scheduled on Thursday and Friday of next week. I am now booking for the week of June 4 – I still have some open days that week. Give me a call or drop me a line to book your trip – I am filling up fast for June! 770-542-7764 For fishing reports on other Georgia Lakes, make sure to check out www.havefunfishing.com May God Bless!