Hey Gang –

I was out on trips all this past week and we had some great success through the week, particularly with the big girls.

We worked creek ditches, secondary points, and pockets for the majority of our fish. However, I will say that there are a few choice main lake points that produced some of the pigs pictured above. We also found some creeks holding big fish, particularly in the ditches. These fish were in or near a ditch holding next to cover in water less than 15 feet deep. Some of the big fish we caught were full of eggs too, so you know what is around the corner. The fish we caught were big enough to be over 6 pounds by the look, but upon further examination, the extra bulk was produced from roe, not muscle. Thus many of the fish weighed just over or just under 5 pounds. Still, they are great fish and very healthy.

The jerkbait and jig produced many big fish this week, along with the Davis Shaky Head tipped with a trick worm. We also caught several solid fish on the FHS and a crankbait – it just depended on the day. I was out today on a full day trip as well – even in the cold and rain, we pounded a good sack and had around 20 fish. Everything today was on the jerkbait – I will include pics from today’s trip and some more from this week in my next post.

I am also pleased to report that one of my recent customers won the Co-Angler side of the BFL yesterday – awesome work Seth! We worked on the FHS and jig and where/how to use them from the back of the boat. His confidence grew and he was able to best the field with his new-found confidence in these baits. He has promised me a picture with his trophy soon – I will share once I receive it!

I am full this entire week through next Sunday, but I do have a couple of dates open the week of Feb 27th. Give me a ring if you would like to get out and hammer the hogs!!

Best of Luck to everyone, and may God Bless –