The topwater and swimbait bite is on!! Following is a list of my upcoming open dates –  June: 25, 26, 27, 28.  I am also starting to book for July.  

Current Conditions

Water Temp – 79 degrees
Water Level – 3.1 feet above full pool
I go away for a week to the Indy 500 and come back to a whole new lake! The lake is starting to come back down from a high of 3.7 feet over full pool.  The Corp is reported to be pulling water 24/7 for the next couple of weeks. The waters above Brown’s Bridge remained slightly stained in the main river areas and creek arms toward the backs.  The lower main lake is clear, and there is still some stain in the lower end creeks in places.

Topwater and Swimbaits Rule…

The topwater and swimbait bite is on!   The baits of choice seem to vary each day, but we are now enjoying an all day topwater and swimbait bite! Baits like a Sebile, fluke, chug bug, pencil popper, and a vixen have been working well each day.  We are focusing on points and humps with brush in anywhere from 15-30 feet in both the main lake and creeks.  That’s the whole story!  As many of you know who have followed me over the years, when this bite is on, that is what we do and that’s all we do until we can’t catch them any more.  I hope it lasts all summer!  The high water does not seem to be affecting this bite.  The fish do change positions on the structure each day, but this is normal on any day and with varying conditions.  I like focusing on the open water bite as it seems to remain fairly consistent even in the face of multiple changing conditions.

Open Dates

Please get with me soon if you would like a trip this Summer. Following is a list of my upcoming open dates –  June: 25, 26, 27, 28.  I am also starting to book for July.   Give me a call NOW and book your topwater trip for June – it has been awesome – don’t miss it!
Thanks to all and May God Bless!