Hey Everyone –

I hope everyone is doing well and fishing a bunch!

It has been a very busy week so far, and it will continue through Saturday this week for me. I had 2 boats out on Monday all day, and full day trips the past 3 days.

On Monday, I had Gerald and Henry out, and Phil Johnson, who is also starting his own bass guide service on Lanier and guides for me as well, took out Steve and Hunter. Steve and Hunter came down from Richmond, VA for a 3 day trip. I worked with them on Tuesday and Wednesday and Phil took great care of them on Monday.

Monday was a very good day for both my boats. We caught fish all through the day. Topwater was the deal in the AM, and then in the afternoon, the spinnerbait took over as top dog. We still caught some good fish on the Davis Shaky Head and Wackem worms in green pumpkin and ice as well. We focused on rock points and shoals most of the day for our fish with many of our bites coming in 15 feet of water or less.

Steve, Hunter, and I were out on Tuesday as well as today. We focused deeper both days, especially in the morning. Steve started our day by loosing an absolute horse at the boat. One of the biggest spots I have ever watched hit a spook. I got a great view of it as I was just watching. Steve made a cast up past the front of the boat and I got to see the whole show from the start. It was a heartbreak for everyone, but better to have fought and lost rather than not to have fought at all – LOL!

We stayed with the topwater for awhile and caught some good fish. Later in the day, after the storm, we went on a tear with the worm and caught 18 fish in 90 minutes. It was awesome as Hunter’s father and I worked together to teach Hunter how to worm fish. He didn’t get it at first, but after a few minutes, he had it down and was catching them left and right. Hunter had not fished much previous to this trip, but he made dramatic improvements through the week and left for Richmond today a much better angler. He worked hard, and it payed off. Congrats to Hunter and Steve on a great week on Lake Lanier – well done guys.

Our topwater fish on Tuesday came from the 20 foot range and less. Today,the cold front seemed to knock down the topwater fish a bit, so we worked jerkbaits as well as the Fish Head Spin in the 25 foot range on rocky points for most of our better fish. They really bit well this morning. After the sun got up, we went back and let Hunter practice on the worm fish again – he caught several including one around 3 pounds to end the day. He loves to worm fish now :o)

I had Ricky and “John” out today. We stone cold whacked ’em! We had a big sack by 11 AM and still caught fish the rest of the day.

We fished topwater and the Fish Head Spin in 15-25 feet of water on the main lake and mouths of creeks for our fish. These are post-spawners, so we did not keep them in the livewell long.

“John” missed a trophy on the FHS on our second stop. Me: “John – looks like a big fish, do you need the net?” John: “No, not that big” Just a few seconds later an absolute tank jumps right at the boat and spits the fish-head…heartbreak! But, John recovered nicely and really smoked them on the FHS throuh the day and Ricky certainly held his own…Nice work guys!!

I am booked this week, but have Tuesday and Friday open next week if anyone would like to get out. With the anticipated warming trend and more and more of the females in the post-spawn phase, the bite next week should be AWESOME! Give me a call and lets go fish!!

Thanks to everyone, and may God Bless!