Hello Friends –

It has been awhile since my last report. I have been on the water with trips for the past 10 days or so and took today off to recharge the batteries a bit. It has been awesome out there with many big fish being caught and I have had the pleasure of hosting several new clients in the last week or so – thank you all so much for your business and for keeping me so busy!!

The predominant pattern for us over the past week has been focusing on pockets both off of the main lake and in creeks. There are still several fish in the creek ditches as well. During times when they are active, they can be found shallow in those creek ditches – the average depth we have caught them in is 8-12 feet. There are still fish deeper in the creek ditches as well and can be caught there. Look for these fish to continue to move up and appear in wolf packs during high activity periods as the water continues to warm.

We have also tracked down some big largemouth over the past week. Most have came off of docks or in the very back of creeks – the skinny water! Make casts to water so shallow you can’t believe it would hold a fish and you may get your arm broke! The sunny pockets work best for the lips – with the full moon coming on March 8, the next few days can be a great time to pop a huge largemouth.

The tactics we have used to maximize our catch during the past week have varied based on the weather and water conditions. I prefer the sunny weather this time of year, but they can still be caught in the cloudy weather too. The Fish Head Spin has been our most consistent bait daily, with the jerkbait coming in a close second. Davis Shaky Head worms, jigs, and swimbaits on a Swarm have also produced good results.

I only have Thursday open this week, and then only Friday next week. Give me a ring or drop me a note if you would like to get out one of those days and catch some pigs!

Thanks to everyone for your support and kind words when I see you around the lake. Good luck to all and may God Bless!!