Hey Gang –

I was out on Friday and Saturday with Dr. T, the singing dentist, who came all the way from Kentucky to catch some spots. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t sorry he came! He is coming back in 3 weeks, and he is already looking forward to the trip!

We had great days both Friday and Saturday. We caught more numbers on Friday, but Saturday was a great big fish day. We caught several in the 3 pound range with a few better ones, including the 5 lbs, 3 oz spot pictured above middle. Doc had never caught a spot over 4 pounds, so he was absolutely thrilled with this pig. Pictures went out immediately to family and friends and then his phone blew up with calls from back home – it was fun to watch the whole thing – he was stoked! Doc was just an awesome guy to fish with – thanks for a great couple of days Doc – see you in December.

Both of Doc’s fish pictured above left (fish on far left weighed 3 lbs, 12 oz) were caught on a Vision 110 Jerkbait. And this was not just any Vision 110, it was a jerkbait custom-painted by Daniel Truit in a blue back herring pattern. Daniel is a good buddy of mine and has been fishing the lake for years. He is an outstanding craftsman, and I am sharing this specific information with everyone to help him out as well as everyone else – he is a super guy and these baits will help your fishing. I can put you directly in contact with Daniel or you can reach him through Hammond’s Fishing. He can paint any lure you have, most for $10. Tell him Jimbo sent ya’ and he will take care of you!

We also caught fish on Friday and Saturday with shaky head worms and jigs. Most fish were shallow near rock – 10 feet of water or less. Creeks and main lake were both productive. Steve – just saw your post – nice work out there brother!

I have some days open this coming week – give me a ring or drop me a note if you would like to get out.

Thanks to all, and may God Bless –