Hey Everyone –

I had some great trips last week with some great people. Some were entertaining customers, some were prepping for tournaments, and some were just learning the lake and different techniques. I particularly enjoy weeks like this and the diversity of the clients – it challenges me to approach each day a bit differently, and I love it. Thanks to everyone for putting their trust in me.

On Wednesday, I was out with Art and his customer Jerry. We had a great morning before the storms rolled in – the bite was solid that morning pre-front and we caught some good fish and tangled with some real pigs that didn’t quite make it to the boat…lol.

Thursday, I was out with Russell – he was prepping for a tournament today (Sunday). He popped his first spot over 4 pounds with me and was ecstatic! We had about a 17 pound sack that day with 2 four’s and several in the 3 lbs range. He texted me early this AM to let me know he and his grandson already had two good fish in the box (a 4 pounder and 3 pounder) on the stuff I showed him – a very happy guy!

On Friday, I had the pleasure of taking out long-time Lanier angler Marty. We had a fun day and really enjoyed being out together. Marty is a great angler, he just needed some fine-tuning as well as an introduction to some other concepts and techniques to improve his catch rate – we achieved that and then some! Congrats on a great day Marty – they were on fire that morning.

We have been starting every morning throwing a crankbait and catching quality fish in the creeks – very shallow. We have followed that up with jig and worm fishing around key docks and in cover up to 18 feet of water in certain creeks as well as main lake. Sometimes the fish are pulled up in 5-10 feet, sometimes a little deeper. The rain last week piled quality fish up in certain areas and it was on like Donkey Kong in those areas.

Lastly, I want to throw a HUGE congratulations out to my good buddy Scott Barnes. Scott won the Hammond’s Tournament yesterday with a 20.5 pound sack of spots – way to go brother – awesome catch!!

I have Wed and Fri open this week if you would like to get out, as well as a couple of dates the following week. Give me a ring or shoot me a note.

Thanks to all, and may God Bless!! Happy Thanksgiving!