Hey Everyone –

I have been out on trips every day this week and the fishing has been very good.

I was out Monday with Paul for an afternoon trip. We fished until dark and had some great success. Most of our fish came on the shaky head. We caught fish from 6 feet – 25 feet deep. Some main lake, some in creeks. Paul spends most of his free time on Hartwell, but because the lakes share some similarities, he is working with me to learn Lanier techniques that he can apply to his fishing on Hartwell. The Shaky Head was our technique for this trip. We worked on electronics and drop-shot during our first trip back in August.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of taking out Gene and his son Joe for an AM trip. This is a great father-son team that has been with me before. We had a blast together and they caught some solid spots through the morning. We started early back in a creek and caught some good ones then worked our way out to main-lake later in the day. We caught them shallow in the early AM on a crankbait, then transitioned to the shaky head. One of Gene’s fish pictured above came from 35 feet, and the other one came from about 2 feet of water on a point. Just shows you that quality fish are everywhere right now.

I took out Chuck yesterday on a full-day trip. We caught several fish up to 3 pounds, but nothing picture worthy. Crankbait was our weapon for our best fish yesterday – most were very shallow. Chuck lost a BIG fish on a crankbait toward the end of the day, we saw the fish swirl after it grabbed the bait up shallow – it was a monster, but only became a legend of fish tales unfortunately. Chuck and I still had a great day of worship together enjoying good fishing and God’s beautiful creation.

A quick plug – I have been dipping my plastics in JJ’s Magic dye, and I truly believe it makes a big difference. I soak the whole bag in clear dye for a day or so, then dip the tips in chartreuse before they go in the water. I get more bites and the fish hang on longer. The bottom line is that JJ’s Magic delivers more bites and more fish. Just the facts!

I am back out on a full day trip tomorrow, and then I have 2 pending trips on Sat and Sunday. I have Monday, Tuesday and Friday open next week if you would like to get out.

Good luck to all, and May God Bless –