Hey Everybody –

It has been a very enjoyable week for me so far. For the last 2 days, I have been out with Steve S. Steve is from Richmond, VA and he called and booked me because he wanted to catch some spotted bass – which he had never done before. He is an avid angler, but has always focused on the largemouth and smallmouth, but never the spots.

As you can see from the pictures above, he has not been disappointed with his trip! We have caught some PIGS over the last 2 days – it has been a blast. We caught over 25 yesterday, and 16 today. Steve is with me for one more day, then back to Virginia. He has already made plans to come back in December, and again next spring for multiple day trips each time. He is an awesome guy and a great angler – a true pleasure to have in my boat. We are both looking forward to our last day tomorrow – it will be fun to see what the weather change will bring. For Wed and Thur, Steve and I have caught fish on jerkbaits, FHS, shaky head, and topwater baits.

Also pictured above is one of my best customers, John. John has been out with me several times this year, and we are scheduled for 1 trip a month for the next 12 months. John is a semi-experienced angler, but has employed me to get him tournament-ready in a year. I have charted a detailed training plan for him by month to include specific techniques as well as lake knowledge. I work with him as a coach during each of our trips. We fish from his boat, and I instruct him on boat positioning and information analysis while on the water (electronics, water conditions, wind, etc.) I think I am more excited than John is about our next year together – I love to teach and John is very receptive to my instruction. He made great strides during our recent trip, and learned the jerkbait quickly. He pegged the nice largemouth above on his 3rd cast with the bait. Nice work John! Next time, big spots!

Finally, a very special thank-you to my newest sponsor, Mashburn Marine. Paul and his crew there do awesome work for me – they work their hardest to get me back on the water quickly, and their chief mechanic, Terry, has 35 years experience working on all major outboard models. They recently got me back on the water very quickly as I had some issues with my fuel pump diaphrams. They ordered the parts immediately and got me squared away in 3 days. Hard to beat that kind of service. Next time you need your boat worked on, consider Paul and his crew at Mashburn Marine – great people and great labor rates compared to the market. They are located right off Browns Bridge Road near the entrance to Charleston Park. Tell ’em Jimbo sent ya!

I have a couple of days open next week. Give me a ring if you would like to get out and catch some PIGS!

Thanks, and may God Bless!