Hey Everyone –
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to come see me this weekend at either the Atlanta Boat Show or Bass Pro Shops. It was a great weekend of teaching and I enjoyed meeting everyone.
I have since seen some very kind comments on this board and GON from those who visited. Thank you very much – I appreciate the feedback and your support! Hopefully, the information that I shared on the Fish Head Spin will help your fishing.
I focus my efforts with my customers on teaching. I want them to walk away with knowledge that will lead them to improved success on the water. I recently received a couple of emails from my customers that I wanted to share with everyone.
The first is from a customer of mine who fishes with me regularly on Lanier, and then takes the information/training and applies it to his home lake, Lake Hartwell:
“Hey Jim, Happy New Year! Some mighty big toads you be showing off. I just wanted to take a moment to share with you that your help and instruction with me has produced some fabulous results. I have had absolutely the best 3 months of fishing in all my time up on Hartwell. I mean it has simply been outragous. I have caught way more fish and much, much better fish than ever before. Some of my success has been due to the shakey head and drop shot techniques you taught me. Much of it has also come by fishing smarter, better locations and not working extended areas, but fishing quality spots and moving on quicker. I have gone blank in a number of locations and then pull up on one and whack ’em so hard I just get giddy. For me, its just been amazing. I will be checking in with you in mid to late Feburary as I would like to develop a better arsenal for the pre spawn and spawning periods. Hopefully by then I will have acquired a Lowrance sonar unit and we can review its operational functions to help me maximize the investment. Sincerely, thanks so much for helping me dramatically improve this past season’s time on my home waters”
Shortly after this email, I received another one from a recent customer regarding the Sworming Hornet Video I shot recently with Rick Steckleberg in addition to our fishing day in November:
“AWESOME stuff is the norm when i open your weekly emails. Only problem is I want to go fishing at the end of each email. But God has blessed us with lots of work, so I’ll keep working and re-filling the coffers and I’ll see ya soon. You are a great pitch man. Im going to buy 100’s of dollars worth of fish head spins so i can win….good video. By the way when I fished with you in November I watched you drag the fish head spin in ditches. So I was at lake Jackson for our first tourney of the year(past sunday), and I dragged the fish head spin across points on the lower end of lake and caught 3 nice spots!!! – thanks to your demo. great reports man, thank you for all of them”
Gang – this is why I do what I do! I love to help people, and I love to fish. If you haven’t yet, come with me and try a different guide experience than you have had before – I look forward to hearing from you and thank you to all who have been out with me so far – there are many, many great trips to come!
I have Thursday and Friday open this week – give me a ring or drop me a note if you would like to get out. It’s a great time to learn the FHS and other valuable techniques for winter fishing. The forecast looks good!! We can throw a FHS or worm shallow, or a jig, worm, and spoon out deep to catch good fish. Let’s go fish!! 770-542-7764
Finally, a quick reminder: I will be at the Great Southern Fishing Show this Saturday and Sunday, which will be held at the North Atlanta Trade Center. You can click this link in your browser for more information: http://www.northatlantatradecenter.com/fishing.html
Thanks to all, and may God Bless –
Jimbo On Lanier – Jimbo’s Spotted Bass Guide Service
Call: 770-542-7764
Website: www.jimboonlanier.com