Jimbo’s Lake Lanier Fishing Report – March 15, 2010

Howdy folks – hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the warmer weather (Finally!)

Well, I got back out on Lake Lanier this afternoon – what a difference some warm days make! I had a great day for numbers – caught 14 total, broke off 3 on hook sets, and missed several other bites. My biggest was 3.4, but I caught a lot of solid fish. Every single one of my fish came on a 1/4 oz. brown Spot Remover jig with a green Yum Twin Tail trailer. I also used the YUM Crawfish scent on my jig – not sure it helps, but thought I would include that. All of the fish I found today were around docks in shallower pockets – all fish were in less than 10 ft of water. I fished above Browns Bridge most of the day. I believe the fish are finally moving up in force, and hopefully will stay there for awhile, unless the weather turns real cold again.

I found some good warming water today, and marked 55.4 degrees in one pocket – I caught back to back 3 pounders in that area off the SAME spot on a dock – that was awesome! Make sure to get your jig up in the docks as far as possible – that is key. As far as the break-offs, I surmised that those occured based on the locations I was fishing. Most of the docks from which I caught fish had that buck brush growing around it, and I believe my line fell victim to those bushes. That stuff is tough on line. I felt certain that one of the break-offs was a big fish, just based on where it was, and how the bite felt – you know what I mean guys – it just had that certain “feel”.

Once again, LanierMAPPED.com led me to the fish – I was able to pattern the fish based on a stop I made using our information – it just helps make your fishing easier – trust me! Check out some of our clips online at LanierMAPPED.com. We have divided the lake into thirds to make purchasing sections of the lake easier – these packages are truly a great value! Make sure to use the “Index to Clips” button to sort out the areas where there is brush in pockets, near docks – IMPORTANT!

Until next time anglers – good fishing and tight lines. Remember, use the JIMBO code when you are purchasing clips online at LanierMAPPED.com – you will save 5%!!