Hello Friends and Sponsors – I want to start by sharing a video that one of my customers put together for me last week. Young Will Hankins, who is an outstanding young angler, came out with me recently and his dad was kind enough to shoot some video that Will edited and put together. What a great day we had together – thanks Will and great job!! Click on the link attached to enjoy the show! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_21fMxBh9w&feature=plcp We have had another incredible week on topwater at Lake Lanier this past week. I have continued to chase the topwater/swimbait bite all week and it has not failed to produce some monster fish and big stringers every day. We have not fooled with the DS, a worm, or any of that other stuff. Topwater and Swimbaits have been the order of the day every day for the last month. It is just too much fun. The active topwater fish are still positioned around brush in the the 15-20 foot range on most days with points and humps being the structure targets. When the wind is blowing, especially early in the AM, the fish are often positioned very shallow around rocky and clay points and are very susceptible to the swimbait. Experiment with different presentations and even smaller lures – pay attention to what the fish are eating – often it is a contingency of smaller bait such as the threadfins, so make sure to adjust your bait offerings accordingly. This past Monday, I had the pleasure of taking out James from the Dugout and his 17 year old son Evan for some fishing on our great pond. These guys absolutely whacked them on topwater all day long. I didn’t have nearly enough room for all the pictures of the big fish they caught yesterday, so I included the best 6 pics above. They had several doubles, and the best shot of one of those doubles is also posted on the attached. We have been chasing this bite and have found it every day. A good majority of the fish were hanging around very shallow brush yesterday, especially when the wind was really pushing. Our better bite was definitely after lunch, although when we stopped for lunch, we had already had a good day. It turned great after lunch. LOL. James and Evan – you guys did great – awesome work! Thanks so much and I am already looking forward to the next time!! I also want to shout out a special thank-you to Bruce and all the guys that fish with the 6 Mile Bass Club. Bruce invited me to join their meeting on Sunday night at Hammond’s Fishing. I was able to share some insights regarding summer fishing on Lanier, and got to meet all the great anglers in the club. These are a super bunch of folks that offer a very-well managed bass club. If you are looking for a club to join, this is certainly one to consider. Thanks again guys for inviting me – I really enjoyed our time together. And to Russell/Craig – thanks for dinner! On Wednesday, I had out the brothers Springer. Jerry and Jim (AKA Smoke and Samurai…LOL) came with me to enjoy a super day of topwater action. These guys hammered some big fish that day, including a whopper double they landed together on their spooks. They were blown away with the wolf-packs and the top water chasing that went on that day – just unreal. Excellent job guys – well done! I had out the “unknowns” with me on Thursday. One of the unknowns seemed to have all the mojo… “Jebediah” banged on those topwater and swimbait fish all day long! One of the keys to the topwater bite is finding the bait they want each day. Each day seems to be different. Sometimes poppers are preferred, sometimes walkers, and sometimes a combo. Experiment each day to find what is producing the best bite. The swimbait has really been an increased factor each day in catching these bigger fish. Particularly in the mornings of late. For the swimbaits, we have been using: Sebiles, Farley Baits, and the Bull Shad. For Topwaters, we have been using: Spooks, Sammy’s, Gunfish, and Chugbugs. The fluke and Truit Jerkbaits have been working well as a follow-up bait once you have pulled up the wolf-pack from a brush pile. I finished with week on Friday with Cory and Grant. These gents were looking to get out of the shaky head rut. The triple we had on top at our third hole got them out of that rut quickly!! They went on to hammer a big sack of spots through the afternoon – Cory & Grant left very happy campers! We fished over brush on points and humps throughout the mid and lower lake and caught fish everywhere we went. A gunfish was the ticket for the day. Great job guys – really nice work out there! Enjoy yourself out on our pond. This rainy, cool weather should help extend this bite well into June as it will keep the water temps from sky-rocketing. What a great weather year we have had – it has really been spectacular for the fishing! For fishing reports on other Georgia Lakes, make sure to check out: www.havefunfishing.com I am booked this coming week, but I still have the following dates open in June: 18, 19, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you would like to get out one of those days! 770-542-7764 Thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo