Welcome to Hook Me Up Jimbo!  I am excited to introduce this new addition to my website and hope that my readers will share in that excitement. The goal of this blog is to provide information relevant to the fishing community of Lake Lanier.  We will focus on topics outside of my normal fishing reports, but remain in the arena of things that are of interest to the local angling community.  I enjoy helping people and sharing information.  I think this new blog will certainly help to further accomplish that goal.  I will highlight local businesses and sponsors, as well as publish bios and general information to help connect people within this great community of which we are all a part.  We will discuss trends in fishing, highlight the latest and greatest of new lures on the market, review tournament results and tactics, in addition to addressing special interest items of all sorts.  I’m confident that humorous anecdotes will find their way into this blog as well.  I think we all need to laugh a little more and just enjoy life.

Tune in here weekly and check back often for the latest and greatest in the world of Lake Lanier Fishing.  I appreciate all of my customers, friends, and readers greatly, and I hope to give back as much as I can as I continue to pursue my passion of teaching and fishing.

More to come soon, I have several ideas on information to share, and hopefully we will all enjoy the ride together.

Until next time, tight lines and God Bless!